Welcome to the "NedermieR" site, an unofficial Adam Ant homepage.
I've started this site on October 19, 2001 and moved it to a new ad free webspace and a new layout on 21st September 2003. On the 31st July 2004 it moved to another new webspace. Moved to the .nl webspace on August 31st 2004.
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This site is being updated as often as possible. You can see all updates by going to the updates page.
The last update is news about the releas of the Bloomsbury cd on the 12th of december 2008 on the news page.
If you don't have all the official Adam Ant releases yet you can buy them by using the form below:

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Latest news can be found at the news page.
I created an Adam Ant link site at Startpagina with links to all Antsites I know. If you want me to link to your site on my Antlink page or my non-Antlinkpage you can fill out this form.
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